Dear Tree-Range® customers and friends,

Thank you so much for your early and ongoing support of Tree-Range® Chicken. Your purchases have allowed us to grow our farmer-centered business in a way that ensures fair prices to farmers and high quality, healthy chickens for you and your loved ones.

Tree-Range® is going Organic and beyond!

Tree-Range® chickens are always raised under a regenerative system that is better for the chickens, farmers, eaters, and the planet. We're excited to further integrate this commitment to health and the environment by moving forward USDA Organic certification for our farms and products. This will give customers locally and elsewhere the enhanced confidence that Tree-Range® chickens are fed and raised in ways that emphasize holistic health, animal welfare and environmental benefit, including how the grain we feed the chickens is grown.

To improve the quality of Tree-Range® chicken for customers, we are also investing in more humane processing and higher quality packaging systems. These improvements come at a cost, as does our commitment to a fair price for all cooperating farmers. As a result, we have raised Tree-Range® chicken prices effective June 1, 2020. We believe - and hope you agree - that Tree-Range® chicken and the farming system benefits are worth it!

We are also excited to announce a new partnership with TC Farm to sell Tree-Range® chicken through their drop-off sites and home delivery in the Twin Cities and other parts of Minnesota.  As part of this arrangement, we are discontinuing our own drop sites and deliveries. You can also continue to purchase Tree-Range™ chicken at Seward Community Co-op, Eastside Food Co-op and Just Food Co-op (and if you shop elsewhere, ask the meat department to carry Tree-Range®). We continue to partner with Birchwood Cafe for Tree-Range® restaurant, catering, and to-go options in Minneapolis.

Nearer to the farm, Tree-Range® chickens will be available for customers to pick up at Keepsake Cidery, where you’ll also be able to purchase local cider and other regionally raised farm products! Keepsake is open 4-9pm on Fridays, 12-8pm on Saturdays and by appointment.  Check the website and Facebook for new events posted weekly.

You will also find Tree-Range® chicken on more local menus! Scotty's Whole Hog BBQ and The Local Plate - food trucks and caterers in the area - will be offering Tree-Range® as part of their menu this summer. Find them at Keepsake Cidery, Imminent Brewing, Loon Liquors and Seeds Farm summer events, for to go orders and outdoor picnics. And more restaurant partners coming soon!

Thank you for your ongoing support of Tree-Range® farmers, and please contact us if you have any questions. We look forward to continuing to provide you and your loved ones the local, healthy regenerative chicken!

Slow growth free-range chicken

Free-range system with high quality shelter and
paddocks protected by a diverse, perennial canopy

Fed only organic ground feed and sprouted whole grains

Never given antibiotics or hormones

When you purchase a whole Tree-Range® Chicken, the options are endless, and it’s better for your health and the health of the environment. As producers, we strive to raise the healthiest birds possible, in a regenerative system. This translates to the health of our customers. When you choose a whole chicken you gain the benefit of all of the fats, the skin, bones and different meats. This adds richness and a depth of flavor to your meals. Don’t miss out on your chance to buy local, buy regenerative and support a less processed and packaged world.

Buy Tree-Range® Chicken today!