When you purchase a whole Tree-Range® Chicken, the options are endless, and it’s better for your health and the health of the environment. As producers, we strive to raise the healthiest birds possible, in a regenerative system. This translates to the health of our customers. When you choose a whole chicken you gain the benefit of all of the fats, the skin, bones and different meats. This adds richness and a depth of flavor to your meals. Don’t miss out on your chance to buy local, buy regenerative and support a less processed and packaged world.

Buy Tree-Range® Chicken today!

Shipped Anywhere in the Country

Twin Cities Delivery & Pickup


Purchase Tree-Range™ chicken at Seward Community Co-op, Eastside Food Co-op and Just Food Co-op (and if you shop elsewhere, ask the meat department to carry Tree-Range®).


We currently don't have any restaurants serving Tree-Range®

Thank you for your ongoing support of Tree-Range® farmers, please contact us if you have any questions. We look forward to continuing to provide you and your loved ones with local, healthy regenerative chicken!