At Regeneration Farms we transform nature’s energy into nutritious foods to sustain the health of your family and the planet. To do this we work with nature, not against it. That’s why we are placing our chickens back on the land where they belong. Getting them out of confinement and into their natural habitat, the forest.
As farmers we believe in a perennial future and a farming system that regenerates the land and the water. We will not stand by and watch consumers get fooled by false claims like cage-free or humanely raised. We know very well that these marketing schemes aren’t really humane or free at all and that’s why we are creating a brand you can trust, Tree-Range™ Chicken. With Tree-Range™ Chicken you can rest assured that the food you feed your family was truly raised in a healthy environment. A Tree-Range™ chicken is a happy chicken, is healthy, nutritious and a part of the creation of a regenerative future. A future where healthy animals, healthy people and a healthy planet come first.

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