Regeneration Farms – A Global Solution

The global agriculture system is at a crossroads. For billions of years, natural systems have evolved to transform energy from one form into another, from single cell organisms at the beginning to complex life forms today. All of this cyclical transformation of energy follows a geo-bio-physical evolutionary processes which continually regenerates and evolves. This regenerative process creates natural genetic diversity, which serves as one of the cornerstones of efficient energy transformation systems and the balance of these geo-physical-chemical processes.

For the last few thousand years, humans have undertaken a deliberate primarily profit-driven effort to re-engineer these natural processes and take more control and ownership of them, all the way from domesticating animals and wild grains designed as part of an evolutionary process to perform a function within the larger geosphere, fruits, herbs, etc. to the manipulation, patenting and further isolation of genetic traits, DNA and molecular level manipulations that allow for further consolidation of higher levels of control and ownership.

Although this approach has produced trillions of dollars in profits, it has devastated the planet’s natural systems, reaching as a result a point of rapidly diminishing returns and especially public rejection the world over. One little known fact is that small farmers all over the world are interested in a different system. As markets evolve and the health consequences of conventional foods become evident, the opportunity for a new system emerges and strengthens rapidly as the truth about conventional foods becomes more known and consumers experience the effects in their own bodies, every day.

The opportunity for a new generation of professionals and farm operations based on new system level design could not be better, but to succeed in this environment, entrepreneurs (farmers) must think beyond farm operations and look at well established conventional business structures to transition management systems and retool them for a different purpose, while aligning these systems with a new geo-physical-chemical farm management blueprint. Regeneration Farms LLC was designed to do just that.

The key to Regeneration Farms’ success is the integration of a diversity of inter-related farm operations, but to achieve this larger goal, which is also critical to achieving long-term profitability, stability and manage inherent risks associated with farming. The deployment of Regeneration Farms, will start with a single farm east of Faribault, MN and from there expand and integrate as markets, investors and management grows to cover a regional blueprint of enterprise sectors, some under the direct management of Regeneration Farms, others as part of regional partnerships critical for a larger system to emerge. This larger system is not only critical
for Regeneration Farms’ own success but it is indispensable in changing the larger-scale systems, a precursor to Regeneration Farms own growth into the future. The following diagram shows a layout of these potential farm enterprise sectors to be integrated over time.