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To deploy a regional network of vertically integrated profitable egg and related (meat, grain, pork, hazelnuts) poultry-centered regenerative agriculture farms and value added operations to supply Regeneration Farms LLC’s brand (s) and its marketing and distribution systems.





To serve as a foundational private farming system to support the capacity of partner organizations to sustain and grow the deployment of a certified poultry centered regenerative agriculture system for southeast Minnesota and beyond.



We believe in supporting the natural living systems upon which we all depend; clean food, water and health of the land, the animals and the people from farm workers, farm owners, food chain workers and consumers.

We believe, that by utilizing regenerative farming practices in our operations paired with economically and socially regenerative enterprise design we will seek to achieve a farming system that continually improves and regenerates allowing us to reduce economic and ecological risks, which in turn serve as the foundation of the triple bottom line success of Regeneration Farms.
We believe in recognizing the relationships between the human and non-human aspects within our operation. We value the fact that nature requires diverse systems to remain healthy and we acknowledge the interconnectedness of all species.