Tree-Range® chickens are better for...

   The Farmers, THE BIRDS & The Environment

...and are better to eat!

Tree-Range® chickens are raised in a coop and paddock system that integrates trees and perennial crops such as hazelnuts and elderberries for canopy and production.

It's Regenerative!

Slow Growth Chicken

Slow Growth Chickens Raised in Small Flocks

Tree-Range® chickens are slower growth birds raised seasonally in small flocks ranging outside under a protective and productive canopy.

Raised Organic

Raised Organic  - and Organic Certified in 2021!

Tree-Range® chickens are fed Certified Organic feed and sprouted whole grains, along with natural supplements like organic apple cider vinegar and essential oils. They range in organically managed and certified paddocks. Tree-Range® chickens are NEVER given antibiotics or growth hormones.

Small Farmers

Fair for Small Farmers 

Tree-Range® producers are small independent farmers working together to produce and market poultry profitably under this regenerative system.

Climate Friendly Production

Environmental & Climate Friendly Production

Tree-Range® chickens are raised in a system that is intended to eliminate negative environmental impacts of poultry production and improve environmental and soil quality.  This is achieved through small flock size and rotation, perennial crop production, and intentional system design that addresses water, soil, biodiversity and other environmental aspects.